up, up, and away

But I love how Arizona is pulling apart and Callie is like “nah bitch, not today”




(for some reason this gave me lion king feels like their son is bouncing on the end of the bed going “mom mom mom mom mom mom” and maura is like “your son is awake” and jane is all “before noon, he’s YOUR son”)



Im sorry but this just screams for it..
We all know maura is down there…….

And she put a pillow on the floor for Maura to kneel on because she’s a chivalrous girlfriend.

Two girls, one cub

Headcannon - Jane stubbornly left the mattress on the floor for days until Frankie finally came to help move it.  She and Maura crashed on it every night after work; Jane dozing off after too much red wine and Maura taking the opportunity to do some extra research.

maura’s mini-me trying on mommy’s clothes

During the early years of her childhood, Maura would sneak into her mother’s walk-in closet so she could run her little fingers along the expensive fabrics and gaze upon her shoe collection, each pair costing a dollar amount higher than what four-year-old Maura could count to.
More than anything, she wanted to play dress up with her mother like the girls she saw on family sitcoms who would casually put together an outfit from their mother’s clothes and parade it around the living room while the mother commented on how beautiful her daughter looked in her clothes. The finishing touches would always be the mother’s favorite hat or necklace that she’d place on her daughter just before offering to let her wear some lip gloss or a light eye shadow.
The few times Maura was caught looking through her mother’s clothes, her mother would smile at her and tell her to play dress up in the new princess dress that she had just purchased for her, but what she didn’t know was that little Maura didn’t want to be a princess; she wanted to be just like her mommy.
So, over thirty years later, when she caught her own little girl admiring the items in her closet, Maura made sure to tell her she could try on anything she wanted including her beloved shoe collection.






bisexual people aren’t more likely to cheat in relationships but we are more likely to cheat at cards, while lesbians are most likely to cheat at jenga, and genderqueer people often cheat at mario kart

how the fuck do you cheat at jenga

ask a lesbian


this is never not funny

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"No, I haven’t asked her!" Maura said hotly, borderline argumentative, into the phone, startling Jane out of her half-asleep state on the sofa, unbeknownst to Maura.
The brunette detective nearly shot up at the harsh sound of her girlfriend’s voice, especially considering that she’d only ever heard that exact tone a handful of times their entire friendship, let alone since they’d admitted their feelings. Still, she was curious, so she fought the urge to make her presence known just yet.
"Why would I have asked her? I’ve already explained—" Maura stopped mid-sentence, clearly having been interrupted by the person on the other end of the line.
A sigh floated from the corner of the kitchen where Jane knew the other woman was standing, not even ten feet away. Right in front of the microwave. She knew Maura was pulling out a coffee mug from the above cabinet when she heard the unmistakable soft clink of ceramic cups touching each other.
"Angela, I appreciate your concern. I really do, but I’ve already told you that Jane would not like it to happen that way."
By that point, Jane was so incredibly confused by whatever conversation Maura was having, and had been having, with her own mother. 
Maura set her empty coffee mug on the counter top. 
"She’ll ask me when she’s ready." 
A pause.
"Yes, I know you want more grandchildren, but just because it’s tradition to get married before having children doesn’t mean—"
Clearly Maura had been cut off yet again mid-sentence as Jane’s mother continued to blabber on the phone.
"I really would like for you to stop interrupting me, please.” Her tone had quickly reached aggravation and Jane had to cover her mouth to prevent her snort from being heard, even though Maura’s previous statement had been quite serious. 
"Jane and I have already discussed marriage, and I can assure you that we very much want to—"
Jane’s eyes went wide and immediately she froze.
"—but Jane also told me she wanted to be the one to ask, and personally I think that’s very romantic of her.”
There were a few moments of silence on Maura’s end, signaling that Angela was still protesting something yet again, and Jane heard liquid pouring into the coffee mug her girlfriend had pulled from the cabinets.
"I need to drink my coffee and eat breakfast before I go into the office. Jane will eventually ask me to ‘get hitched,’ as she sometimes likes to phrase it. I don’t wish or plan to ask her, seeing as that would be against her wishes."
"Yes, I’ll see you at lunch in the café," Maura replied. "Bye, Angela."
Hard plastic softly hit the counter. Her girlfriend’s phone.
"But I do wish you’d hurry up and ask me, Jane Rizzoli,” Maura said to herself. 
It was unbearable for Jane. Sitting up quickly, eyes wide and mouth agape in momentary disbelief, she finally revealed to Maura that she’d been in the room the entire time. “Ma wants you to ask me to marry you? Really?”
The screech of terror that escaped Maura’s mouth would have been hilarious to Jane if she weren’t so bothered by the entire context of the situation. She also would have dropped her cup of coffee if it hadn’t still been on the kitchen counter. Her head and body whipped around so quickly toward Jane that she nearly lost her balance.
"Don’t scare me like that!” Taking a deep breath she continued hesitantly, “You heard all of that conversation, of course.”
Jane shot her girlfriend her best duh face.
"Which means you also just heard what I said after I disconnected that call." Maura looked down, clearly ashamed.
With no thought whatsoever, Jane jumped off the sofa and practically ran to her girlfriend, pulling Maura into a warm embrace, arms wrapping around the blonde’s thin waist as she stood behind her. “I didn’t know you wanted me to ask so soon,” she said softly in Maura’s ear. “We’ve only been together seven months.” 
"But I already know I want to spend the rest of my life with you."
"I do, too." The two let their words permeate the air around them, let them relax in each other’s arms. "I already have everything planned," Jane said. "I have for nearly two months now. But the exact when hadn’t been determined just yet."
"Jane," Maura whispered as she turned around in her girlfriend’s arms. 
Jane’s heart melted when she saw the tears glistening in Maura’s eyes. “I can make the when happen very soon, if that’s what you want.”
With a teary laugh, Maura nodded. 
"Okay then." Jane smiled. "The next to last phase of ‘convince Maura Isles to get hitched with me’ has officially begun."